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LOLWUT – 200 followers?! ♥

I started this tumblr as a way for me to archive my screenies and the stories behind them. It has turned into so much more! I have met so many awesome fellow adventurers that I would not have been able to meet otherwise.

THANK YOU for riding along my FFXIV journey since 2015 ♥ a huge /hug and waffle surprise goes out to @nihil242 @fizziefloof @punchycatte @londrieved for always supporting me and being so interactive with me and your tumblrs. I’ve learned a lot from you all!


To celebrate my 200 fantablous followers, I am hosting a giveaway until Saturday, March 4th 8pm PST. 

The giveaway prize is the new SE game “THE CARD GAME: CHOCOBO’S CRYSTAL HUNT” I have this game and it is so fun and cute! 

To enter, please fill out the following Google Form. I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Please note that I will request a mailing address of the winner 😀 

signal boosts appreciated! ♥ Google Form to enter

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