Need SS’s of FFXIV couples










I want to be inspired (since servers are down), and seeing some fabulous screenshots will make me feel better. Reblog with them pls :>

have this one too for giggles

so smol

Wowie’s protector

and Thero @therouanne-ragnerock

don’t forget Dante /wink

with @elektrik-eel and I’s oc’s

L’raja (mine) and Arismont (her’s) ….If you can call these two a couple…uuuuuuh

Rino (mine) and Keiji (Her’s)

A screenshot @atsuakishirai took of Teddy (mine) and her’s (the Au ra which is hers)

There’s more but I can’t think of who else has in game screenshots cause I only rp on discord and a lot of my oc’s are off game now.

Hyan + Zeiyth ♥ – Hyan belongs to @obsy3

WELL LOOKIE HERE, A COUPLE SCREENSHOT OF MADISON AND RENISSA. @lovedrducker – isnt the background bootiful

our shitposting screencaps finally come into play – im ready

king screenshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @sweetcattes

fine ill do it



i loved seeing everyone else’s couple pics! great idea!

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