30 Days of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


01. Introduce yourself…
02. Favourite City.
03. The first class you leveled.
04. Got any DoL?
05. That one dungeon you always pray for Roulette’s.
06. That dungeon you dread.
07. Best Primal Fight [NM/HM]
08. Least Favourite Leader.
09. Most enjoyed Beast Tribe.
10. Place with the Best Music.
11. PC God or Console Peasant?
12. Are you in for the Atma Grind and beyond?
13. Favourite Gearset. [No Glamour]
14. Crystal or Syrcus Tower.
15. Best non Seasonal Event.
16. Your Best Glamour.
17. In a Free Company?
18. The Usual Crowd you hang out with.
19. Favourite EX Primal?
20. Least favourite EX Primal.
21. How far have you been through the Binding Coil of Bahamut?
22. Next Primal you would like to see?
23. Favourite Mount.
24. Favourite Minion.
25. Macro heavy or Macro light?
26. Do you follow your main class stereotype?
27. The reference to a previous FF that made you fangasm.
28. Cross over FF you’d like to see like Lightning?
29. Best place to die to Trash Mobs?
30. Duty finder or Party Finder?

List by Jefara Quix of Famfrit

Going to start this this week!

Would love to see other’s answers to get to know each other better =D

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