30 days of glamour


Just a little challenge/meme idea. If you do any of it, tag it with #30daysofglamour so that I can see what creations you’ve made!

1. Your favorite glamour on the first day of the meme!
2. A glamour centered on your favorite fashion piece.
3. A glamour using only vanity items (no stats).
4. A glamour for roaming in your favorite zone in-game.
5. A glamour for the class you use the least.
6. A glamour using your favorite dye colors.
7. A glamour using your first strictly-glamour item (the first one you went out of your way to get solely for looks).
8. A glamour themed on your favorite primal.
9. Your favorite tome-bought set.
10. A glamour to match your favorite mount.
11. Make a weird/funny glamour. (use of the Crystal Tower raid drops is highly encouraged).
12. A seasonal/holiday-themed glamour (doesn’t have to be the current one).
13. A glamour that’d be actually practical for your character’s adventures.
14. A monochromatic glamour.
16. A glamour themed on your favorite GC and/or city-state.
17. A glamour for a pre-50 class.
18. A glamour using a color palette you rarely use.
19. A full glamour that uses no more than one left-side piece from any set.
20. A glamour to match your favorite minion.
21. A glamour making the best of a piece you usually dislike.
22. Make a sexy (or “sexy”) glamour.
23. A glamour themed on a mob type (cactuars, bombs, morbols, etc).
24. A glamour using only crafted items.
25. Your favorite full set of matched gear.
26. A glamour you’d actually wear in real life.
27. A glamour using only dungeon drops.
28. A glamour using the item you went to the most trouble to get.
29. A glamour for your character’s birthday.
30. Your favorite glamour on the last day of the meme!

Who’s doing this with me?! =D

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